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About Sarah


Wanna know a little bit about me?

I'm a 40-something mother to three ridiculously active boys. You could say I'm fitness obsessed, but I'm actually fitness PASSIONate. My journey has been years in the making; I've been in the gym since my early 20's. But, as I inched closer to the big 4-0, I got way more serious and started doing things outside of my comfort zone. Y'all, that's when real changes take place. I never looked back after leaving that zone, and I'm currently a crossfit junkie and a bodybuilding addict. At 40 I competed in my first NPC Bikini Fitness Competition and won first place in the Masters Division. That's when my whole entire little self lit up.

The girl inside of me knew from that moment on that the fitness community was IT – all I ever wanted to be around. I knew if I could inspire people to get motivated on the outside and feel shiny on the inside, then I was going to be living my purpose. All my fitness and nutritional expertise has been earned the hard way: through my own journey, my own ups and downs, my own problem solving and determination. I have been exactly where you may be standing today: frustrated but ready. Like you, I needed help and guidance. I have been fortunate enough to learn from the best trainers I could find, and now I want to pour all my experience into you.

Refresh the real you!

I have come to realize the essential role that a nutritious and varied diet plays in a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. One filled with play, work, love, sleep, and the sharing of wonderful culinary experiences. At FreshFit 405, our recipes create a hassle-free solution to the problem of finding time to eat well. We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between a busy and dynamic lifestyle, and eating healthy, delicious food. For busy parents, students, entrepreneurs, or anyone seeking a more healthy and delicious diet, our ready-to-eat meals combine amazing tasting, nutritious ingredients that fuel the body and refresh the mind.


Love what you eat.

At FreshFit 405, our food philosophy is all about balance: love what you eat and be what you eat to live a long, healthy life. Loving what you eat at every meal should not only meet the needs of your body (without excess), but also the needs of your mind, heart, and soul. Dieting and unrealistic restrictions, whether it be a lack of calories or taste, will not lead to a healthy eating lifestyle that one can maintain (happily, at least). My cooking style focuses on disease prevention in otherwise healthy people. For me, “healthy” is a term I use to indicate balance, moderation of all nutrients, and plenty of what we know to be good (i.e. vitamins, minerals, fiber, omega-3’s, and so on).


I seek out local and organic options….but have a fairly unhealthy obsession with chocolate.

I use whole, unprocessed foods and always seek out local and organic options when possible. I dabble in gluten-free and vegetarian/vegan, but tend to keep things appealing to the everyday palate and budget. At home I cook for a man and three boys who find many joys in frozen food, pizza, tacos, fried chicken, and anything with buffalo wing sauce. It can be a challenge for me, but I try to meet them a bit of the way. Together, we all have a fairly unhealthy obsession with chocolate…so I make a lot of chocolatey things!